March 24, 2011

To Sum it up...

Summing up a year long project is not something i really know how to do. I mean where do you start? So much can happen in a year & looking back i love to see the changes we have both made & the events that have helped shape the images we submitted week after week. We both traveled, experimented, explored, fell in love with new things & found ourselves in places we never thought we would.

 A year seems like such a long time but really our journeys are literally just beginning as we both get ready for some incredible exciting new adventures. I am so incredible happy to have done this project to have pushed my boundaries some even if there are weeks i would do over if i could. But it's part of the process, part of the passage of time & there's no going back to who we were. 

Some weeks were harder than others, inspiration didn't always come & i was left grasping at straws but still we both made it to this point & i know should we decide to do another (although after the lil dude does his thing would be preferable) it will be easier in some ways & incredible different!

Maybe i'm not ready to write a conclusion because i don't think this is the end of me & Tali working together ... now it's just a matter of setting ourselves a new challenge, another chapter in our metaphoric photographic journey together & pushing ourselves as individuals, photographers & friends even more. & who knows maybe we'll actually get to hang out at some point through the next one!

Thanks for being a part of our lives ... & i hope you stick around for the next installment of the Tali-Laura show! 


1 comment:

andrea despot said...

aw, i love the two of you so much! i loved seeing your different visions week after week, and i so hope you get to meet each other in person someday! (and i hope i can meet you as well.)

can't wait to see what else you come up with!!