About Us

I am a photographer & designer living in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
I've lived abroad for many years, traveled, studied, made friends, created memories, and did some soul searching, and then I came back home to settle down and promote my business.
In my line of work I photograph mainly pregnancies, which I absolutely adore, but I also photograph engagements, weddings, portraits, and anything else in this world.
When I am not wearing the photographer cap I try to enjoy life to it's fullest. I let myself love, cry, laugh, dance, fall, rise, be down, be high, cook, bake, paint, travel, read, sleep, eat, watch, dream, and love again!
You can find out more about me and my work here:
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I'm a military wife & photographer ... in that order.
I'm English, the hubby's a Cali boy & we currently live in not so sunny Germany.
I have a slight mountain dew addiction & i'm somewhat obsessed with my cats. 
I like to run ... 9 miles is my current happy distance.
When i run i love to watch the planes take off & land.
I believe you can never own too many tank tops, t-shirts or pairs of panties & pajamas. 
I read a lot ... it's my escapism. 
I like Mexican food & cupcakes. 
One day i want to go storm chasing. 
I believe in god & balance in the world ... i will always vote conservative. 
My favourite photographers include Ansel Adams, Dickie Chapelle & William Eggleston.
Jane Austin is my favourite author ... think of what achieved in her time! 
I like pretty shiny objects & have the attention span of a 2 year old. 
My husband is my world. 
I believe sarcasm should be a religion & some would question the thoughts that go through my head.
Rugby is the greatest game on earth. 
Green is my favourite colour.
I like taking pictures.