The List

52 images in a year

1. Sunlight (suggested by Amie)
2. Coffee (Suggested by Shel)
3. Dessert (suggested by Amie)
4. Connecting (suggested by Andrea)
5. View through your window (suggested by Shel)
6. Spoons (suggested by Andrea)
7. The color red (suggested by Amie)
8. Blooms (suggested by Shel)
9. Little children's dreams (suggested by Amie)
10. Clouds (suggested by Shel)
11. Lace (suggested by Dionne)
12. Belly (suggested by Shay - Tali's someone...)
13. Balloons (suggested by Dionne)
14. Courage (suggested by Dionne) Switched  Birds (by Valerie)
15. Time (suggested by Niva - Tali's friend)
16. Books (suggested by Caitlin)
17. Childhood (suggested by Caitlin)
18. Travel (suggested by Caitlin)
19. The world (suggested by Shay)
20. Pets (suggested by Caitlin)
21. Water (suggested by Lulu)
22. Sand (suggested by Lulu) Switched Hats (by The Lavender Daisy)
23. Shoes (suggested by Lulu)
24. Transportation (suggested by Stefanie)
25. Breakfast (suggested by Stefanie)
26. Smiles (suggested by Stefanie)
27. Believe (suggested by Amie)
28. Trains / Tracks (suggested by Shel)
29. Two (suggested by Valerie)
30. Mirrors (suggested by Andrea)
31. Dusk (suggested by Stefanie)
32. Sleep (suggested by Sharon)
33. Couples (suggested by Suzy D)
34. Non-couples (suggested by Suzy D)
35. Hobbies (suggested by Emele)
36. Relaxing (suggested by Emele)
37. Elegance (suggested by Jokemijn)
38. Grace (suggested by Jokemijn)
39. Rain (suggested by Pat)
40. Heart (suggested by Pat)
41. Hair (suggested by Pat)
42. The first thing you see when you wake (suggested by Shannon)
43. The last thing you see before bed (suggested by Shannon)
44. Candles (suggested by Vanessa)
45. White (suggested by an anonymous blogger)
46. Blue (suggested by an anonymous blogger)
47. Cooking (suggested by Valerie)
48. Fruit (suggested by Valerie)
49. Love (suggested by Clever)
50. Hope (suggested by Clever)
51. Warm (suggested by The Lavender Daisy)
52. Gentle (suggested by The Lavender Daisy)

...We have a few extra:

53. Faith (by Clever)
54. Cozy (by The Lavender Daisy)
55. Honesty (by Clever)

Thank you all!