March 24, 2011

To Sum it up...

Summing up a year long project is not something i really know how to do. I mean where do you start? So much can happen in a year & looking back i love to see the changes we have both made & the events that have helped shape the images we submitted week after week. We both traveled, experimented, explored, fell in love with new things & found ourselves in places we never thought we would.

 A year seems like such a long time but really our journeys are literally just beginning as we both get ready for some incredible exciting new adventures. I am so incredible happy to have done this project to have pushed my boundaries some even if there are weeks i would do over if i could. But it's part of the process, part of the passage of time & there's no going back to who we were. 

Some weeks were harder than others, inspiration didn't always come & i was left grasping at straws but still we both made it to this point & i know should we decide to do another (although after the lil dude does his thing would be preferable) it will be easier in some ways & incredible different!

Maybe i'm not ready to write a conclusion because i don't think this is the end of me & Tali working together ... now it's just a matter of setting ourselves a new challenge, another chapter in our metaphoric photographic journey together & pushing ourselves as individuals, photographers & friends even more. & who knows maybe we'll actually get to hang out at some point through the next one!

Thanks for being a part of our lives ... & i hope you stick around for the next installment of the Tali-Laura show! 


March 22, 2011

After a whole year...

It feels weird to be here on a Tuesday and not post any diptych photos, but the fact is that this was a one year project, and last week was the final week. I wanted to write some sort of a conclusion. No, not a conclusion, that sounds too emotion-less and that won't fit such a project. I wanted to write something that would sum up my entire experience through it all. This has truly been a wonderful year, one that has forced me to keep photographing week after week. But how did it all begin? I strolled down memory lane this morning on Facebook and stumbled upon the correspondence that has sparked the project...

Funny looking back at this conversation... Now after the year has concluded I can only say how glad I am we did it. I am so proud of both Laura and myself for being dedicated, for not quitting even when we were pulling our hairs out with frustration when we couldn't find what to shoot. I am thankful for everyone who has taken part with me throughout the project, everyone who posed, everyone who helped with the ideas, everyone who let me borrow their stuff their home their time. Thank you Alina for all your help, and of course, thank you my love, my amazing someone, for standing by my side through it all. Thank you Laura for being my partner in crime. I couldn't have picked a better partner than you!
And thank you all, our blog followers, for being here week after week, for your comments, and for the love you've besotted upon us!
This isn't the end, I promise. Laura and I just need to figure out where we're headed and then we'll let you in on it ;)


March 15, 2011

Week Fifty Two - Gentle

Thanks The Lavender Daisy for this week's suggestion :) 

That's it! We've completed a whole year of images! Time just flew by so quickly!
Stay tuned for our recap of this wonderful year, PLUS, there's a surprise coming up soon...

Laura & Tali

March 8, 2011

Week Fifty One - Warm

Thanks The Lavender Daisy for this week's suggestion :) 
Next week is our FINAL week. Yep, it's been 51 weeks today.
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Laura & Tali

March 2, 2011

Week Fifty - Hope

Thanks Clever for this week's suggestion :) 
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Laura & Tali